A mortgage for your renovation

Are you planning to buy a fixer-upper? Or do you want to create more space or comfort in the house you already live in? Then it's time for a renovation. And that can come with a price tag.

How will you finance your renovation?

We understand that not everyone can pay for a renovation with their own savings. Fortunately, there are other ways to finance a renovation. For a smaller renovation, you can take out a personal loan. However, you can also choose to take out a mortgage for your renovation.

Renovating a house you want to buy

Do you have your eye on a fixer-upper that needs a lot of work? Or are you buying a house that is fine as it is, but you want to customize it to your own taste or comfort? Whatever your renovation plans are for the house you intend to purchase, you can decide to finance your renovation plans with a mortgage. After you have reached an agreement on the purchase of the property, you write down your renovation plans, along with the necessary budget. You submit these plans and budget to the appraiser who will appraise your home. The appraisal report will state the value of the house in its current state and the value after the intended renovation. The mortgage you then apply for will consist of a part for the purchase of the property and a part for the renovation of the property.

Renovating a house you already live in

If you want to renovate the house you live in, you can finance this renovation with a second mortgage. This is an additional mortgage on top of the mortgage you already have. Usually, you take out the second mortgage from the lender where your first mortgage is already held. You write down your renovation plans, including the necessary budget, and submit them to the appraiser who will appraise your home. The appraisal report will state the value of the house in its current state and the value after the intended renovation. Based on this appraisal, you can apply for the second mortgage.

The construction account

Once your mortgage for your renovation is approved, you will have access to a construction account. From this construction account, you can pay the invoices for your renovation. Usually, your construction account is valid for 6 months. If you need more time, you can extend your construction account.

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